Shiromani Priyanka Seneviratne
Loan requested $657.89
Loan issued $657.89
Funds raised $328.95
Funds released $0.00
Sector Services
Repayment term in months 30.0

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About Shiromani Priyanka Seneviratne

Priyanka joined BMI in 2010 April obtaining a housing loan of LKR 20,000. She had used this money to renovate some parts of her house. After that, in 2011 she took her second loan of LKR 50,000 from BMI for servicing and repairing the three-wheeler they hired. Later she had moved in to another business area of selling assortment of goods for ROCSA (Rotating Credit and Savings Association) groups. The good are mainly household plastic items, cooking utensils and ceramic items. The three-wheeler that is now used for both hiring purposed and to transport the selling items. She earns around LKR 18,000 per month from this business. Since there is a good demand for her merchandise in the area, she is now looking at the prospects of developing it more. Therefore, she is now applying for a third loan of LKR 75,000 from BMI. She wishes to use the money to repair the three-wheeler for long distance traveling and to buy goods in bulk. Priyanka lives in the rural village called Devalegama in Kegalle district with her husband. They have one son and Priyanka’s elderly father also lives with them. Her husband works as a driver’s assistant in a private transporting service. She wishes to continue with the business and develop good reputation for goods distribution in the area. She also wants to increase the income and support her husband in improving their household economy.

Partner MFI
Name: Berendina Microfinance Institute Ownership: Non profit
Year Founded: 2007 Partner Since: 2012
Interest Rate: 25.0 % Target Clients: Economically active and inactive poor
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Total Funded Amount = $328.95
Total Loan Amount = $657.89

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