Berendina Microfinance Institute

Partner Profile
Berendina Microfinance Institute; abbreviated as BMI, started its operations in year 2007 with the provision of Credit Services. During past 4 years, BMI has obtained a significant growth and client coverage in terms of depth and spread of outreach without drifting from the original mission of poverty reduction and providing prosperous living condition for the low income segment of the population. Currently, BMI has 14 branches concentrated in Sri Lanka. The service delivery mechanism of BMI is individual loans through "clusters" ; informal credit groups with 30 members. The main loan products of BMI are: - Asset Building loans: Main purpose of this loan product is to build and increase the asset value of clients - Business Loans: loans are provided for business starting and enhancement - Agriculture loans: Disbursed for farming activities In addition, there are innovative loan products named as; - Toilet Loans: Designed for tea estate workers to construct a Toilet Emergency loans: These loans are mainly used by the clients for emergency purposes. A bulk loan is disbursed by the branch to a cluster leader, where he or she disburses loans for emergency purposes to other cluster members.

About Our Partner
Our Partner: Berendina Microfinance Institute   Website:
Inception Year: 2007   Partner Since: 2012
Total Lending: $134239.47   Target Clients: Economically active and inactive poor
Ownership Structure: Non profit is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization